People turn to therapy for a variety of reasons. Uncertainty, fear, conflict and/or depression are usually factors. Some individuals find themselves repeating familiar patterns at work or in their relationships that are detrimental and damaging. Despite our best intentions life is sometimes more than we can handle, and we need help to put things into perspective. Psychotherapy can be instrumental in helping you manage the here and now while also examining recurring patterns, faulty adaptations, and interpersonal issues that may be contributing to current difficulties.


Before making a recommendation for treatment, I typically conduct a 2-3 session assessment in which we discuss your current symptoms and concerns, your strengths and supports, your history, past issues and efforts you have made to overcome them, along with your treatment hopes and expectations. The assessment is holistic in its approach, meaning we consider your quality of life from a physical, psychological, social and spiritual perspective.


Treatment recommendations will be tailored to suit your needs, whether we decide to move forward together or opt for a referral. In moving forward specific goals and objectives are discussed, frequency of sessions decided, and duration of treatment is anticipated. I enjoy working with other practitioners who provide additional expertise; this collaboration provides you with the highest quality of care and supports my lifelong commitment to professional growth. Whether you are seeking individual, couple or family therapy, I am dedicated to providing you with an environment that is safe and supportive of your confidentiality, and focused on your goals and intentions.

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